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ARK Invest, 21 Shares Remove Staking Component From Proposed Ethereum ETF



ARK Investment Management and 21Shares have revised their proposed Ethereum exchange-traded fund (ETF) to exclude the staking component, which would have allowed investors to earn rewards for holding the underlying asset.

Reason for Removal:

The decision to remove staking comes amid regulatory uncertainty surrounding the classification of staking rewards under the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) guidelines. The SEC has not provided clear guidance on whether staking constitutes a security, which could have exposed the ETF to legal challenges.

Impact on ETF Structure:

The removal of staking implies that the proposed ETF will now be a physically-backed ETF, meaning that it will hold Ethereum directly. Consequently, investors will not receive staking rewards, but they will still benefit from any potential price appreciation of Ethereum.

Dynamics between Crypto and Stock Markets:

The proposed Ethereum ETF is part of a growing trend of financial instruments that bridge the gap between traditional stock markets and the cryptocurrency sector. While cryptocurrencies like Ethereum have been gaining mainstream recognition, their regulatory landscape remains uncertain, influencing the development of these products.

Market Response:

The revision of the proposed ETF has been met with mixed reactions. Some analysts believe that the removal of staking may reduce the appeal of the ETF for investors seeking yield. However, others argue that the focus on physical Ethereum holdings provides a more straightforward investment proposition.


The revised Ethereum ETF proposal serves as a reminder of the ongoing interplay between financial markets and the evolving regulatory landscape for cryptocurrencies. As the regulatory environment becomes clearer, we can expect to see more sophisticated financial products that bridge the gap between these two worlds.

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