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Speculation Soars as Ripple CTO’s Cryptic Tweet Sparks XRP and PEPE Communities


Cryptic posts from well-known figures in the cryptocurrency industry often spark speculation among the community. A recent post by Ripple CTO David Schwartz caused quite a stir, with nearly five hundred comments. The post features a picture of a frog sitting on a lily pad surrounded by water lily flowers. Opinions on the meaning of the picture are divided: XRP fans see it as a positive sign for XRP, suggesting a significant price increase, while PEPE enthusiasts interpret it as a bullish symbol for frog lovers. The post also caught the attention of the Pond Coin (PNDC) community, with users promoting their coin logo and welcoming Schwartz to their supporters group.

Yesterday, a mysterious whale made a substantial purchase of SHIB tokens worth $444,000. This anonymous investor acquired 60 billion meme tokens, bringing their total SHIB holdings to 73.255 billion, valued at $541,350. It’s worth noting that this investor rapidly ascended, with their first transaction occurring just a month ago. The timing of this large-scale purchase is significant, as the SHIB community speculates about the token’s potential price increase. Analyst Ali Martinez previously highlighted a buy signal on SHIB’s weekly chart, with similar signals leading to price surges of 118% and 71% in the past.

In a recent post, defense lawyer James K. Filan shared an important date in the Ripple-SEC lawsuit. According to a document attached to Filan’s post, the lawsuit parties are expected to propose a briefing schedule about remedies by November 9, 2023. If they cannot agree on a schedule, they will request the court to set one. This change in the scheduling order follows Ripple’s recent victory, with charges against its top executives, Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen, being dismissed. The document also states that the final pretrial conference and trial dates, previously set for April 16 and April 23, 2024, respectively, have been canceled without plans for rescheduling.

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