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XRP Locked in XRPL AMM Pools Surpasses 2.1 Million Mark, Sparking Speculation of Supply Shock Potential


The XRP Locked in XRPL AMM Pools Surpasses 2.1 Million XRP

The XRP Ledger is witnessing a transformative phase with the integration of impactful DeFi protocols, notably the Automated Market Maker (AMM) functionality. This feature has piqued the interest of network participants, signaling a shift towards a more robust ecosystem.

AMM Functionality and Liquidity Dynamics

Despite encountering initial issues that led to a temporary reduction in locked XRP, recent developments have seen a resurgence in liquidity provision within the XRPL AMM pools. Following a bug fix, trading activities resumed, resulting in a substantial increase in total XRP locked, crossing 820,000 in a short span.

Latest data from XRPL explorer XRPScan reveals a significant uptick in locked XRP, now exceeding 2.1 million XRP, valued at $1.05 million based on prevailing rates. The network accommodates 317 active AMM pools, with 180 dedicated to XRP pairs, showcasing the growing utilization of this functionality.

Potential Impact on XRP Supply

While the current amount of XRP locked in AMM pools represents a fraction of the circulating supply, market observers speculate on the possibility of a supply shock. Influential voices like Zach Rector have highlighted the potential implications of the increasing XRP locked in these pools.

A supply shock, characterized by a sudden scarcity of an asset, could influence price dynamics. However, the current volume of locked XRP is deemed insufficient to trigger such an event. Nonetheless, the pace at which tokens are being locked hints at future scenarios where a more substantial portion of XRP’s supply could be absorbed by AMM pools.

Long-Term Outlook and Investor Sentiment

Projections suggest that as adoption grows, the role of AMM pools in XRP’s ecosystem could expand significantly over the next few years. This optimism is tempered by the recognition that substantial shifts in supply dynamics may take several years to materialize fully.

Overall, while the current XRP locked in AMM pools may not immediately impact supply dynamics, the trend underscores the evolving landscape of DeFi within the XRP Ledger, hinting at potential future implications for market participants and investors.

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